Our House

At Our House Creative Family Childcare, we believe in guiding children through a developmentally appropriate curriculum, in all areas of

Our enriching program is cognitively and linguistically appropriate, where authentic learning experiences are the main focus. It is socially stimulating, where children are working with others and where ideas and thoughts are shared.

This program is also emotionally supportive, set in a safe environment and dedicated to each child’s well-being.

We understand that children don’t just love to play, but rather it helps develop who they will become. As caregivers, we believe it is our responsibility to give guidance to help children learn to grow. Every child is different and grows in contrasting ways, and all construct knowledge at various points in time. Therefore, we know that development is individual and our program will be
focused on meeting each of their needs.

We want children, as well as parents, to feel comfortable and know that Our House is a “home away from home!”