Teresa & Bob say:

Our House Creative Childcare should be the first and only place to consider when deciding where to enroll your child. They are our daughter’s “home away from home,” and we consider them an extension of our family. Given the warm, nurturing, family atmosphere as well as the attention and care provided to each child, it isn’t a stretch to consider them as extended family. The level of care provided can be seen in the smiles of the children and the joy on their faces after a day at Our House. Their genuine concern toward the educational and social growth in our daughter demonstrates not only their fundamental belief in childhood development but reflects Mary’s (proprietor) advanced educational background. Between the nutritional home cooked meals, the breadth of educational activities, the social engagement of the kids, and our daughter’s authentic interest about going to “school” everyday, there is no debate – Our House Creative Childcare is the definitive place for childcare.

Shyla & Bebin say:

It gives us great pleasure to write this letter expressing our gratitude to you and the Our House Family. I cannot begin to thank you enough for the peace of mind I have had for the past 2 plus years knowing you were taking such wonderful care of Diya. We were very new to this country and I needed to go back to work and was at a loss as to whom I could trust to take care of my daughter. You were like a God sent Angel to our family. Diya and I have been rewarded with an amazing experience with you and your family. I know it may seem exaggerated, but in all honesty I recommend Our House with all my heart. With much Love and appreciation.

Xiomara says:

After cycling through other daycares in the area, I can say with absolute certainty that Our House is THE BEST! The owners and teachers are some of the most caring and loving people we’ve met since we moved here. I wish this would have been our one and only daycare from the very beginning, but I’m glad we found this place when we did. Our youngest attends fulltime and our oldest who is in elementary school, spends summers and school breaks here. Both kids love this place so much and my oldest wishes she could attend fulltime! I love that my children are free to play with other children of different ages, can move around the dedicated daycare space without being confined to a classroom, play outside in an actual backyard where they can explore and learn about nature, and bring home lots of cute and creative projects! Our house owns up to its name because it really does feel like home, it is cozy, clean, welcoming, and safe, which in my opinion is everything you could ask for in a childcare facility. We are lucky to have found this place, and have no doubt that when we leave here, we will have gained a second family and long lasting friendships.

Ewelina says:

I enrolled my daughter at Our House when she was 11 months old. I interviewed approximately ten child care programs and found the process to be quite challenging. As a parent, I had many questions and wanted to make sure that the person/place I’d be entrusting my child with not only met all of my expectations, but also felt warm and inviting.

The process of elimination began with the first phone call. Gary, who the children refer to as pop-pop returned my call within two minutes and invited me in for a tour. During the tour, I met a couple of the teachers and Gary answered all of my many questions and said something that really struck me.

He said, “kids feel and know when they’re loved and that’s very important to us, we treat them like our own”. I saw this first hand and continued to witness it over the last year and a half.

Despite what time of day it is, the teachers always have smiles on their faces, their energy high, and the kids smiling from ear to ear. Their ability to provide consistent individual attention, all with incredible patience and love is, in my opinion, unique and rare to come across. The kids make daily crafts, have great structure, get physical activity, and eat home made meals.

I chose our house because of the automatic connection I formed with Gary, Loretta, Mary, Rae and Gabby. They are people who go above and beyond for your child. They care and treat us like family and their empathy and compassion are unparalleled.

I am beyond grateful for the loving care and guidance my daughter receives. The peace of mind I have is invaluable. Our House is simply the best.

Flavio & Laura say:

Our family recently made the potentially stressful transition from an in-home nanny to a day care facility. We were concerned that our 2 1/2 year old daughter, Lexi, would not receive the personalized attention and love that an in-home nanny offers. It has been a blessing for our family to have found Our House Creative Family Child Care. Lexi wakes up every morning and asks if she has “school today.” It warms our hearts that she looks forward to going to day care. As full-time working parent’s it also eases our minds that Lexi feels safe and happy in a place outside of our home. Our House offers a nurturing environment full of educationally based activities, music, arts and crafts, imaginative play, social interaction FUN and healthful home-cooked meals! Every member of the child care team at Our House is devoted to the growth and development of our must precious gift – our child. It is in our opinion that one would be hard pressed to find a child care facility that offers such an enriched and dynamic atmosphere for children to learn and grow. As an educator of 15+ years, it is in my experience that the fundamentals of learning are so important to share with our children starting at infancy and Our House provides countless opportunities for our children to learn. As a Mom for 6+ years the LOVE and APPRECIATION that Ms. Mary, Ms. Loretta, Mr. Gary and Ms. Candy share with Lexi and every child in the “Our House Family” has made Our House really OUR HOME!

Rich says:

My daughter (now 3.5 years) had been at 2 daycare centers prior to Our House. Having been exposed to these different places solidified my understanding of why Our House is such a wonderful and unique place. I have rejected offers at other places of work solely because I didn’t want to take my daughter elsewhere.

In short, sending your child to Our House is like having the love, care, and warmth of sending your child to Grandma’s while at the same time, having the school like environment where they socialize with other kids, and learn the skills they need to be happy, creative, well rounded children.

What separates Our House from most “chain-like” daycare centers are several things. It’s a very homely and intimate setting. There is a very small staff of people there, and they are there for a long, long time. For anybody that has sent their child to a center, with 8-12 teachers interacting with your child on any given month, Our House is such a refreshing change.

Everyone I have met there are wonderful people and couldn’t ask for anything more. My daughter loves everyone there, and frequently talks about them when we are at home. The love is real. I am truly grateful for the years they have dutifully watched my daughter, helped her grow, and become the joy of my life. I trust their decisions, and have provided helpful insights to better raise my child. Seeing my daughter eat broccoli, wash her hands without being prompted to, sleeping when told to, and talking, are some of miracles that were first seen at Our House.

There is a wealth of wholesome activities that can keep her busy. They always do some sort of art project or activity that my daughter proudly shows me. One time we left one of her Our House art projects at a family member’s house, and she cried for 2 hours until we quickly created a poorly made substitute. We retrieved the original the next day out of fear of a repeat.

Kids are given a chance to play outside in their spacious backyard and play with actual dirt and plants. Some snow time in the winter. And sprinklers and bathing suits in the summer. By comparison, centers provide typically an artificial recycled tire rubber playground cordoned off next to a parking lot by a chain link fence. That may be alright for some, but you could hardly compare.

Fresh food is cooked everyday in their kitchen. Every meal comes with at least a vegetable/fruit and honestly is the healthiest I’ve seen in any daycare ever. She has come to enjoy lots of healthy foods that I never thought she would eat, and believe a lot of that has to do with being exposed at such an early age while in an environment that promotes that.

My child had and continues to have some learning disabilities, and Our House has been nothing but supportive and accommodating. I have speech therapy teachers who visit regularly and have been instrumental in helping my daughter become well adjusted despite her noticeable delay in communications. Their empathy and intuition has been key in allowing my daughter be in a comfortable environment that allowed her to improve her skills quickly that would not have been possible elsewhere. I know that if she had continued daycare elsewhere, she would not have had the same level of success because she would have had a lot more environmental stressors and distractions that would have delayed her cognitive abilities further.

I knew within the first 10 mins of visiting Our House and speaking with Gary that this was going to be the place I wanted to send my daughter. You will know it too. Do not be conned into the fancy printed marketing material from the daycare centers. All of those programs are useless and a waste of time and money.

Unless you constantly move job locations, or absolutely to have somebody watch your child from 6am – 8pm daily, there is no reason why you would want to go anywhere other than Our House.

Kelly says:

You know the old saying THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE HOME? Well ask the parents of OUR HOUSE and they will tell you THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE OUR HOUSE. Let me start off by saying I have had my son in two other learning centers prior to Our House and this by far exceeds ANYTHING I COULD HAVE EVER IMAGINED. I leave my son in the loving arms of what feels like family every day and feel the weight has been lifted off my shoulders. As a working mother we all know the guilt and worry when you are not 100% comfortable with your child’s care (because of Our House I am free of that burden). If you are looking for a structured, immaculate and family feel environment this is the place for you and your child. The love and warmth that Mary, Gary, Loretta and Candy give these children can be felt each day be the smiles on the faces of your little one.

Meredith says:

I can’t possibly say enough good things about the Petronzi’s. They are all so unbelievably warm and happy and nurturing all the time. My number one priority in sending my son somewhere, was for him to be in a loving, joyful atmosphere, especially since he was only 8 months old when he started (he’s 15 months now). At first he started at another daycare when he was three months old, and they did their best there I’m sure, but I never got that fully secure feeling when I dropped him off every day. It was like he was in a school and I always wanted and pictured my children spending their days as babies in a loving home. He’ll spend plenty of time in school as he grows up. Right now, for us, it’s about the care and the people around him as he learns the basics of life. It was one of the best choices I’ve ever made to send my son to Our House. Mary and I met when we were five years old in kindergarten and we clicked and spent almost everyday together after that. Her family was my family and it’s just so nice that now my children can call her family his family too. It really is a wonderful feeling!

Valerie says:

“It is hard to put into words how important Our House has been in my family’s life. The love that my two children receive there, surpasses any other child care facility that I can imagine. My four year old daughter has learned so much from the rich education that is provided at Our House. Between the deep concentration in literacy, hands- on science experiences, emphasis on music, and the support of social development… I am so pleased with Our House. My daughter is the smart, kind and thoughtful child she is today because of the love and support she has received at Our House. My 5 month old son just started and it is such a wonderful feeling knowing that he is getting all of the love and support that I can’t provide during the day. I feel like I am dropping my children off to their family’s house every day. My husband and I often talk about how we are the luckiest parents to have discovered Our House!”

Susan says:

Sending our daughter to daycare was a big decision for us. She was 9 months old when we started her. We wanted to make sure that whoever was providing her with care was giving her 100% attention–and that she was loved and cared for as though she was at home with us. At the same time, we wanted her to start interacting with other babies/children her age.

Before deciding on Our House, we looked at dozens of childcare options. The larger day care centers felt too big and many group home day cares felt too dreary. The second we walked in, we knew it was where we wanted to send our daughter. Our House is spacious, full of light/color and just felt right. Everyone there truly loves her and she has so much fun interacting with all of her friends. Every morning, she is excited to give hugs and looks forward to spending her day with her extended family. We love Our House!

Lisa says:

“We have been sending our daughter, Felicity, to Our House Creative Family Childcare for over a year now and we couldn’t be happier. The staff at Our House is like second family to Felicity. They are warm, inviting, nurturing, compassionate, and loving people who care for each child like they were their own. In the year that Felicity has went to Our House she has grown by leaps and bounds; this is due to Our House’s creative and stimulating ways of teaching the little kiddies. Our House is where Felicity took her first steps, learned her ABC’s, and made her first friends. As a parent you want the very best for your child, especially when you can not be by their side, and I believe that is what Felicity is getting at Our House Creative Family Childcare.

Jessica says:

I was so incredibly nervous about putting my daughter Madison into daycare, which I’m sure all parents are. I was looking for a warm and loving atmosphere, with people who would take care of my child like she was their own. Mary and Loretta were both a breathe of fresh air, and the individuals that work for them are amazing as well. They made me feel incredibly comfortable, and my daughter absolutely loves them all. She actually gets excited to go to school every morning. The children’s area is amazing, there is so much sunlight coming into the play area it makes for a very inviting atmosphere. The outside area is amazing as well, there is so much space for the kids to run around. My daughter has learned some much in the year she has been with Our House. They do tons of arts and craft, sing-a-longs, indoor activities and out door project like planting herbs. My daughter was even able to count and sing some of her ABC’s at a very young age, the kids are busy all day long. I am so, so, so thankful to have found such an amazing place and loving people. We love Our House!

Matt says:

My daughter was reaching out of my arms for the care givers at Our House by the end of the first week… no exaggeration! At only 12 1/2 months old it was her way of saying “Don’t worry daddy, I’m in great hands here!”

She started at Our House just after her first birthday and up to that point had only been cared for by her mother. Now she giggles and gets super excited when we pull up in the morning. She knows where she is and she knows she is going to have a great day!

The communication is great and I see a lot of positives in my daughters development since she has been there. I like how there is both a focus on her at her particular stage of development and an opportunity to interact with the older children, too. When I mention the names of everyone she will see that day she always starts smiling!

Kathleen says:

My children Charlie and Annie were one of the first to attend Our House Childcare! This is by far the best childcare my children attended . Annie is currently still there. I have been through a few childcares and never received the great care that Mary and others have given to my children! Annie was 10 weeks old when she started and I felt like I had one on one care for her which you don’t always receive at larger centers! I feel as if my own family was caring for the both of them! They helped with potty training with my son and currently helping Annie now! My Annie runs to them every morning like it was her own aunt or grandparents house! We are blessed to have found such wonderful caring people to care for our children. It’s also very educational too. They keep up with all the larger centers and actually I feel are a little more up to date than most! They do a lot of projects with all ages not just older kids!! Once again I love this childcare! Very very happy with all!!!!

Caroline and Jason say:

Our House is truly my daughter, Juliet’s ‘home away from home.’ When we were moving to the area, I was so nervous to switch her from her previous daycare she had been in since she was an infant. But when I walked in to Our House, I knew immediately this was the place we’d be sending Juliet. The inside is so bright and open with lots of room for the children to play and learn and there is a huge backyard where the kids can run around and play when the weather is warm. Mary was so reassuring that the transition would go smoothly and she was right. Juliet had absolutely no issues acclimating to her new daycare. She asks every day if she is going back to ‘school.’ As a working parent, it is hard knowing that you can’t be with your child every day, but I couldn’t have found a better place and family to care for my daughter when I can’t be there. The staff is so caring and attentive and the communication is always open. We feel so lucky to have found Our House and would recommend this ‘home away from home’ to anyone looking for a caring and loving environment for their child.

Rupa says:

“OUR HOUSE is our daughter, Aditi’s second day care. We sent her to the first one when she was a little over 1 year old. She seemed sad which I guess is expected. But we were constantly worried about her. I even considered quitting my job to be a full time mom. Then we found Our House, and the care and attention they provide to every kid was overwhelming. Aditi seemed happy and there was a time when she refused to come home and wanted to stay at Our House. Although slightly jealous, it put our mind to ease that our daughter was happy with her friends, her teachers and all the love, care and attention of the family as a whole. Gary is probably her most favorite person at Our House, her really sweet grandpa! We have never seen such wonderful folks who are ever willing to help and love not just the kids but the families too. It never felt like Aditi was going to day care. It always felt like she was on a play date with a wonderful family.

Elizabeth says:

“I’ve been taking my child to our house and we couldn’t be happier. They provide a warm and loving environment and that was exactly what I was looking for. The space is clean and airy and there is an outdoor area for the warmer months. They also strive to keep the lines of communication open to make sure your child’s needs are met in the best possible way.”